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Hello i'm Riie and this blog shows my love for Level-5 games, Pokemon, pictures of places I'll never be able to go to *cries*, , a lot of husbands *Yeah like every week i get married with some fictional character* , artwork from Japanese freelance illustrators, i'm really lazy... so no tags for anything, and a lot lot of anime
I ship a LOT and like shota sometimes
I'm a pervert NSFW on my blog sometimes yeah
And if you want talk to me :3 !





First Pokemon: Emonga
Mentor: Araragi
Companion: Cheren
Lover: HARUKAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa
Captured: Tornelos 

First Pokemon: Snorunt

Mentor: Cedric Juniper

Companion: Silver ohhhhhhh come to me

Rival: RED AH well shit


Captured: Manaphy

1st pokemon : Starly AAAAAAAAAA FAT BIRDS AAAA

mentor : prof Oak

companion : Fennel

rival : BRRRRENDAN (oops)

lover : Clair ( >8( please)

captured : Terrakion

First Pokemon: Larvitar 

Mentor: Professor Rowan 


Rival: Black (OH… DANG… UVU)

Lover: Cynthia (fdsjlfjsdlfjsdlfjsdlfjs omg)

Captured: Phione (ohhhh uvu) 

First Pokemon: Eeve ! <3 fdjaghwrlkjsdfgahds

Mentor: Cedric Juniper…

Companion: Misty … ! 

Rival: Red e____e 

Lover: Cresss :3 <3 

Capured: Zekrom OH YES, i really like that pokemooon <3 

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